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Elegant Initial "Q" Wax Seal Stamp head

Elegant Initial "Q" Wax Seal Stamp head

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Initial "Q" Wax Seal Stamp - personalize Cards and Letters, Invitations, Wedding Favors, even Wine or Gift Bottles!

  • Metal seal stamp is approximately 3/4" diameter (about the size of a penny)
  • These work well with our Bead, Bottle, Glue Gun, Wickless, & Traditional (with wick) Sealing Wax
  • Handles available separately under 'Seal Stamp Handles' if you need one
  • We reversed the picture; the letters on the actual seal stamps are backwards, so they are correct when impressed into wax

PLEASE NOTE: These are a closeout item, and some seals may (or may not!) have very minor surface imperfections (tiny pin pricks, bumps, hairlines, or dark areas) on the seal surface; the color of the metal stamp may vary slightly from what is shown in picture - we lightened some of these initials so you could see the detail better.

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