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Elegant Initial "U" Wax Seal Stamp head

Elegant Initial "U" Wax Seal Stamp head

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 Initial "U" Wax Seal Stamp - personalize Cards and Letters, Invitations, Wedding Favors, even Bottles!

Metal seal stamp is approximately 3/4" in diameter (about the size of a penny). This Initial stamp works well with our Bead, Bottle, Glue Gun, Wickless, & Traditional (with wick) Sealing Wax. Handles are sold separately under 'Seal Stamp Handles' if you need one.

(We have reversed the picture so you can see what the finished design will look like. The letters on the actual seal stamps are backwards, so they are correct when impressed into wax.)

PLEASE NOTE: These are a closeout item, and some seals may (or may not!) have very minor surface imperfections (tiny pin pricks, bumps, hairlines, or dark areas) on the seal surface; the color of the metal stamp may vary slightly from what is shown in picture - we lightened some of these initials so you could see the detail better.

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