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Green and Gold 2-tone Flexible Glue Gun Sealing Wax - 7 Sticks

Green and Gold 2-tone Flexible Glue Gun Sealing Wax - 7 Sticks

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Melted in a glue gun, for super-fast and easy Wax Seals! This wax is flexible, is mailable and has a beautiful shine.

This wax is the contemporary version of old-fashioned sealing wax! Glue Gun Sealing Wax is perfect to use when you need to make a large number of wax seals, is more flexible than traditional wicked Sealing Wax, and seals made from it can be mailed. A great way to personalize Wedding or Bridal Shower Invitations, Cards and Letters, Save the Date/Graduation/Anniversary Announcements, Gift Wrap and Tags, Gift or Wine Bottles, etc!

Each stick is approximately 5" long, just under 1/2" in diameter, and will make 12 - 15 average-size impressions (depending on the size of your seal stamp as well as how much wax is desired). These sticks are made for FULL-SIZE (not mini) Low-Temperature Glue Guns. Each pack contains 7 sticks of glue gun sealing wax. Please note - the picture shows the Gold side in the top stick, and the Green side in the bottom stick; each stick is approximately half & half of each color!

Test before sealing or mailing a large batch of envelopes. We haven't had a problem with this sealing wax sticking to any envelopes we've tried it on, but your envelope or paper may differ from those we've tested.

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