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Jack Skellington (Nightmare) Wax Seal Stamp Head, 1.2" diameter

Jack Skellington (Nightmare) Wax Seal Stamp Head, 1.2" diameter

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Jack Skellington in front of Spider Web design Wax Seal Stamp - a unique way to seal Party Invitations, Cards and Letters, Scrapbooks, Tags, Gift Bottles - try using black wax and highlight the design with a gold or silver metallic marker!

Jack is a living skeleton, symbolizing the spirit of Halloween.  He is supernatural, and can remove parts of his body without hurting himself!

  • Brass seal stamp is just under 1 1/4" diameter (about the size of a half dollar)
  • Handles are available in our shop under Seal Stamp Handles if you need one
  • These work great with our Bead, Bottle, Traditional (with wick), Wickless, and Glue Gun Sealing Wax
  • We also have this design available in a smaller 1" size
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