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Soft White flexible Bottle Sealing Wax (1 pound block)

Soft White flexible Bottle Sealing Wax (1 pound block)

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Soft White Bottle Sealing Wax - use for sealing Bath Oil, Perfume, Body Lotion, flavored Vinegars, homemade Vanilla, Whiskey, Wine or Beer, Syrup, Potpourri, special Sauces, decorative Bottles and so much more! *This is a soft white wax, not bright solid white*


(I also have a few blocks that are called Pearl White - same color, but with a very small hint of Pearl sheen to them - if you prefer these, send me a message and let me know what quantity you're looking for.)

These wax blocks are made using food-grade ingredients, and are safe for both direct and indirect food contact. Each wax block is approximately 8" long by 2 1/2" wide by 1 3/8 thick, and weighs about 1 pound (shape could vary from the block shown - but each block will weigh about a pound regardless of shape).

Depending on the size of your bottle and how much/how thick you apply the wax, you can usually seal 25-30 bottles with a single 1-pound block. Melting and usage instructions will be included with your order.

**If you would like to purchase 5 or more blocks of Bottle wax (any color combination), send us a message and we'll set up a special listing for you with discounted wax and shipping prices!  (We have many one-off colors that aren't listed; if you're looking for a color we aren't showing, feel free to ask if we have it!)

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